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Serves 8

Puff pastry sheets
Fish-shaped cookie cutter
2 cans tuna
2 tablespoons chopped celery
2 tablespoons chopped onion
cup mayonnaise
4 slices American cheese, cut in half
Salt and pepper
Egg wash (1 egg, 1 yolk, pinch of salt, beaten together)


1. On a floured surface, roll out puff pastry sheets to 12-x-18- inch rectangles. Slide onto a baking pan and place in refrigerator. Let rest about 1 hour, until firm.

2. While dough is resting, make tuna salad. Drain cans of tuna and mix with onions celery, mayonnaise, salt, and pepper. Set aside.

3. Using a floured fish-shaped cookie cutter, cut out 16 pieces from the pastry sheets. (If you do not have a fish-shaped cutter, draw a simple fish on a piece of cardboard and use as a template.)

4. Divide filling evenly among 8 of the fish pieces, leaving a -inch border all around. Place a cheese slice on top of filling.

5. With a pastry brush or small clean paintbrush, brush the -inch border of filled fish with egg wash.

6. Place the top pieces on the filled bases and lightly press edges with fork to seal.

7. Brush the tops of all of the fish with egg wash. With the tip of a knife, poke a small hole to make an eye. You can also lightly cut in a fin without pressing all the way through the dough.

8. Bake at 375 degrees fahrenheit for about 20 minutes until well-colored and crisp.